Make Indoor Play More Fun With These Cool Toys

Outdoor play is essential for a child’s health and happiness as getting some fresh air, a little bit of sunshine, and some exercise can benefit a child’s overall wellbeing. But sometimes, the weather isn’t always ideal for playing in the park or in the backyard, so parents and childcare providers have to come up with ways to entertain little ones while they’re cooped up indoors. Some will choose to let a child watch TV or play with gadgets to pass the time, but instead of encouraging children to stay glued to their screens, why not provide them with toys that will enhance their creativity or burn off excess energy while they’re inside the house? Make indoor play more fun with these cool toys.

Active play toys

Most young children, especially those 4 years and below, have a lot of excess energy, and keeping them occupied while they’re at home can be a challenge. Thankfully, active play toys that can turn your living room into a mini playground, such as a mini trampoline, a pogo jumper, a rocking horse, or a play tent and tunnel that connects to a ball pit can provide young children with hours of fun and give them an outlet to get all that energy out. To make sure that they stay safe while playing, pad your play area or play room with interconnecting rubber foam mats and never leave young kids unsupervised during playtime. 

Toys for quiet time

Some children will want to play alone or play quietly while they’re indoors, so make sure to have some toys on hand for independent play. Things like reusable sticker books, dollhouses, and art sets will provide tons of fun even if a child is playing alone. A homemade sensory table is also ideal for independent play. You can make one by filling bins with uncooked rice dyed with food color, beans, dry pasta, pom poms, and the like. Provide scoops, tiny bowls, tongs, mini plastic figures, and toy cars to make your sensory table even more fun for little ones.

Toys for sharing

Childcare providers or households with multiple children should always have toys for sharing and playing together. Items such as toy musical instruments, foam blocks, dominoes, and building or construction toys are easy to share and encourage kids to work together as a team. Art materials are also ideal for shared play, so provide them with crayons, paper, pencils, and other crafting materials so they can embrace their inner artist while they’re indoors.

Make indoor play more fun by having some of these toys in your home. Remember to choose age-appropriate toys and always supervise little ones during playtime so they can stay safe and have a great time. 

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