3 sign your kids are in danger

Is Your Childcare Provider Safe? 3 Signs Your Kids are in Danger

The first time you hand over your child to a childcare provider can be intimidating. No matter how much you have researched, examined and interviewed, you will always worry if your precious one is being taken care of safely with love and concern. However, you can ease that anxiety early on if you know what to look for when touring childcare facilities.

Many experts agree that healthy child development requires a strong balance of physical, emotional and mental stimulation. From proper nutrition to regular comforting human contact, healthy development begins from day one. Making sure your little one is being nurtured is not a one-time check; it’s an ongoing process.

Working with Childcare Providers to Support Potty Training

Potty training is a milestone for children, parents and childcare providers alike, but it can also be a long and challenging road for all involved parties. Children do tend to reach full potty training on their own schedule, though many childcare providers do specify the age by which a child must be potty trained in order to continue care. Ideally, a childcare provider will adhere to the American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines, which stress potty training at the appropriate developmental level above chronological age.

Helping Children Overcome Daycare Separation Anxiety

Overcoming daycare separation anxiety can be a trying experience for both children and their parents, leading to tears and stress for everyone involved. Helping your child to manage fear of the unknown and separation from a parent isn’t impossible, and is a necessary step along the road of eventually becoming an independent, productive adult.

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5 Ways Parents Can Supplement a Daycare Curriculum at Home

A strong curriculum and a focus on developmental progress can be one of the most attractive features of a high-quality daycare program. Parents have the natural desire to give their children a great start in life, which is why daycare programs with a great curriculum are so attractive. Still, even the most comprehensive curriculum only reaches optimal effectiveness when parents take an active role in helping at home. Learning to supplement a daycare curriculum is one of the most powerful ways of helping your child retain new skills while continuing to grow and progress.

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What You Need to Know About Childcare Tax Incentives

Childcare costs are often a sizable financial burden for working families, especially for those with more than one child. Fortunately, there are tax credits and incentives which can help to offset this burden, making it easier to balance the costs of child care. Even though many parents are aware that some incentives exist, many do not take full advantage of them due to a lack of understanding.

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Sensory Bin: A Smart Addition to Any Home or Daycare


Are you looking for a simple, inexpensive, creative, and educationally rich activity for young children? Sensory bins help children develop a wide variety of important skills as they do what children do best: play!