Business-Building Tips for Childcare Providers

A great childcare provider’s primary focus is the health, safety and happiness of the children under their care, but a dedication to building your business is almost as crucial. After all, even the best childcare provider’s success will be dependent upon the existence of a solid, reliable customer base. Though an economic downturn can be frightening, the childcare industry is one in which there is still great room for growth across the country. From the largest daycare centers to on-call babysitters, anyone who hopes to be successful in the childcare industry must make sustained business growth a high priority. Whether you’re just starting your childcare business or are actively working to expand enrollment in an existing facilities, there are ways for childcare providers to promote themselves and their services.

Incident Reports: Documenting Accidents and Behavioral Issues

Where there are children, there will inevitably be accidents and behavioral problems. Even under the best and most attentive care, injuries and misbehavior can and do occur.

While childcare professionals must obviously make every possible effort to limit the risk of personal injury to the children under their care, some situations may not always be avoidable. When accidents, injuries and problematic behavior do occur, however, caregivers should document such situations thoroughly.

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State Agency Investigation: Information for Childcare Providers

Navigating the process of a state agency investigation can be stressful for childcare providers and troubling for parents enrolled in a program, even if the impetus for an investigation was a relatively benign incident.

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Funding Sources for New Childcare Businesses

Starting a childcare business can be the realization of a long-held dream, but a lack of sufficient funding can be an insurmountable obstacle for hopeful business owners.

Forms Childcare Providers Should Keep On File

Working as a childcare provider is a fun and rewarding career, but comes with more responsibilities than simply keeping kids safe and healthy. For caregivers who value their professional reputations, paperwork and proper documentation are an unavoidable responsibility.