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Parents agonize over the decision to leave their child in another person's care when they go to work. Thousands of choices for child care abound from preschools to institutional day care facilities. A more intimate option is a home daycare, also called family daycare. These take place inside homes rather than businesses, and more closely resemble play groups of other young children from the surrounding neighborhood. Unlike commercial centers or preschools, home child care offers a smaller child to "teacher" ratio, enabling each child to receive the highest level of care possible without his parents. has a listing of over 121,278 home daycares, with about 10 new providers added to our database daily. Feel free to use the Home Daycare Search box on the page to find the perfect child care solution for you!

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When researching whether to place a child with a home daycare, the parents should check their state's guidelines governing the licensing of family daycare providers. Not all states require the providers to hold a license, and some states only require a license for providers caring for six or more children. Looking into the state's regulations and then following up by researching the credentials of the home child care provider will ensure the safety of the child.

Parents should also know that many family daycare providers participate in state subsidies program which can make paying for the cost easier for those short on funds. Find out more information about covering the costs of preschool or early child care by reading both articles: Child Care Assistance Programs and Appy for Child Care Assistance.

Latest Home Daycare Updates

Kimberly M Murillo

Kimberly M Murillo

Cypress, TX 77433 | (832) 939-7612

You can find me in Facebook @smartstart.preschool2018 ...



San Francisco, CA 94132 | (415) 661-6124

Baby Steps Nature School is an outdoor/natural science focused program. We use our observations of and experiences in the natural world to help develop our sense of stewardship, self regulation, joy, gross and fine motor skills and most importantly t...

Beginnig Blessing Child Care

Beginnig Blessing Child Care

Newcastle, DE 19720 | (302) 893-1726

Founded in 1996 by Debbie Omowunmi who follow her passion for children and their care. We offer a curriculum of math, science, reading, music and crafts and physical activities. We keep our kids in a fun, safe, loving and learning environment. ...

Little Leaf Village Academy LLC

Little Leaf Village Academy LLC

Louisa, VA 23093 | (804) 930-7338

We are a full day, year round ,science and nature based Educational childcare program in Cuckoo, that provides the childcare-coverage that families need with the educational aspects they desire for ages 2-5+. We promote a process over prod...

Interactive Acres Preschool Academy

Interactive Acres Preschool Academy

Yucaipa, CA 92399 | (909) 918-0032

Interactive Acres Preschool Academy is a childcare option located in Yucaipa, CA. We offer both part-time and full-time care. Our program combines the smaller ratios and comforting environment of home daycare, with the activities and curriculum of a ...

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