Expanding a Daycare Business to Include Preschool Classes

Expanding a daycare business in order to include preschool classes can be a lucrative choice, as there are a wide array of benefits which can be associated with offering a preschool curriculum. For an existing daycare business, this can easily translate to substantially increased enrollment numbers and greater client satisfaction, but will require some significant changes and ample preparation. Before announcing preschool classes and an extended curriculum, daycare administrators and managers are urged to carefully research their options and the associated requirements.

10 Signs of a Daycare with a Great Preschool Program

Standalone preschool programs provide young children with essential early childhood education, but may only run for part of the day, which can present a problem for working parents who also need full-time childcare. When there’s more than one child in the family, even full-day preschool programs create the need for multiple stops if there are no daycare facilities for younger children. For many parents, a daycare which also features a preschool program can solve several problems at once, but it’s only truly effective if children are receiving the preschool attention they need in order to thrive. Choosing a daycare with a great preschool program is important, but doing so can be a complicated task for parents who aren’t sure what they should be looking for in a quality program.

Recognizing the Signs of Bullying in Young Children

Once dismissed as an unpleasant but unavoidable aspect of growing up, bullying is now becoming an issue of nationwide focus. Still, it’s not always easy for childcare providers to recognize the signs of bullying among their charges unless a child is actually caught in the act of harming a peer. Victims of bullying can struggle to manage the stress and anxiety which accompanies peer torment, especially young children who have yet to develop coping mechanisms and may not have a vocabulary for the specific abuse they’re encountering. It’s up to childcare providers and parents to look out for the signs of bullying among young children, so the issue can be properly addressed.