Keeping Nanny Happy: How to Reduce Nanny Turnover

Hiring a private, in-home child care provider can be a great investment for many families, but it does require a significant amount of tedious work during the hiring process. After sifting through a number of resumes, conducting interviews and talking to references, parents usually aren’t eager to repeat the process unless absolutely necessary. High nanny turnover rates can also wreak havoc on a child’s routine, and it can be very upsetting for a child to lose a beloved caregiver. For parents who also happen to be nanny employers, the best course of action is to hold onto the high-quality private caregiver they’ve already hired in order to provide children with consistency and avoid household disruptions. The key to reducing nanny turnover, in many cases, is simply providing a good environment in which to work.

10 Reasons to Insist On a Nanny Contract

While the relationship between a nanny and her employers is based largely on trust, it can be a complex one with ample room for dispute. One the most valuable pieces of protection for all involved parties against disagreements and misconduct is a thorough nanny contract, but it’s also one of the most often overlooked. Because nannies can come to feel more like extended family than employees, it’s not uncommon for nannies and their employers to forgo a written contract in favor of a less formal, more personal verbal agreement. Unfortunately, this is a decision which can have far-reaching, negative repercussions in the future. Before entering into a verbal employment agreement, here are ten of the reasons why nannies and employers alike should insist on a nanny contract.

What You Need to Know About Background Checks

Trust is a crucial part of the relationship between parents and a childcare provider, especially when it comes to the safety of children. Parents need to know that the people their children come into contact with each day are trustworthy, reputable childcare providers who would never put their little ones in harm’s way. A background check is one of the most popular methods of screening childcare providers and staff, but it can be a mysterious process to parents with limited daycare experience.

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What is “Job Creep,” and How Does It Affect Nanny Turnover Rates?

Finding and hiring the perfect nanny can be a stressful experience, which is why most parents actively look for ways to reduce turnover rates whenever possible.

Unfortunately, a very common contributing factor to nanny turnover is one to which many parents are largely oblivious: job creep.