Keeping Children Healthy: A Provider’s Guide to Common Childhood Illnesses

Even with a strong sick-child policy in place and all the proper health precautions, children can and often do contract common illnesses in a childcare setting. Because childcare providers tend to spend so much time with the children under their care, having basic knowledge about these common conditions and the ability to spot them can be one of the more reliable methods of early detection. The earlier symptoms of an illness are recognized, the earlier a child can get treatment and be removed from a group childcare setting where he or she may pass the illness along to others.

Foods Home Daycare Providers Should Never Serve Toddlers

Providing toddlers with appropriate nutrition can be a challenge, due in large part to the innate pickiness of small children when it comes to new foods. For home daycare providers who have both a responsibility to feed the children under their care properly and the risk of liability, it can be tempting to offer a picky eater a variety of foods in order to find one they’ll agree to eat.