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How to Find Information About Local child Care Assistance Programs

In single parent households with an employed parent or households in which both parents are employed outside of the home, child care costs can make up a significant portion of the monthly budget. For lower income families, expenses related to childcare can be prohibitive, but there are programs available which provide some financial assistance for child care fees to eligible families. The average cost of center-based care in the United States is $11,666 per year, but costs do vary from state to state. Depending upon the state in which a lower-income family resides, costs may range from a low of $3,582 to a high of $18.773. The higher end of this scale can make up the majority of a worker’s income if they’re employed full-time in a minimum wage position. For these families, the services of child care assistance programs on the local, state and federal level may be the only way of making such employment financially feasible.

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Apply for Childcare Assistance Programs

One of the biggest challenges parents face is finding affordable child care. It is usually incredibly expensive, often forcing parents to make some very difficult choices. Even for those who can afford it, quality daycare centers often have long waiting lists, so good care can be hard to come by.

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Child Care Assistance Programs in the U.S.

Millions of parents in the United States struggle to find affordable and quality care for their children. The costs of childcare can be expensive, but fortunately there are federal, state and local programs to help parents who need assistance. Although many of these programs are geared towards single mothers, there are opportunities for all parents to receive aid.

Child Care Assistance Programs for Military Families

The child care needs of military families can be more complicated than those of their civilian peers, due largely in part to scheduling conflicts which can arise as the result of a deployment or assignment.

Kaw Nation Child Care Development Fund

With increasing Native American populations, the Kaw Nation recognizes the need to assist families with their child care costs.