Education as a Factor in Personality Development of Creative Thinking

Father of Modern Physics, Albert Einstein, believed that creativity was the highest form of intelligence. For a child, the ability to be freely creative in one of the finest gifts they’ll ever receive because it allows them to be wholly themselves.

Be it a student of kindergarten, college, or university; every young person needs two things: a canvas to pour their creativity onto and a teacher who can guide them through it.

In this article, we will explore how education serves as a factor in developing a student’s creative personality. 

Role of Teachers

Teachers are at the core of the educational system. Without them, the whole world of academics would fall apart, no matter how many students there may be. This is because teachers are the ones who transfer values and ideals into young, malleable minds and shape them to become better human beings in the future.

Teachers, unfortunately, are underrated. But their work is essential. Without them, society would simply crumble and fall apart. If not teachers, who can we expect to shape the inquisitive and impressionable minds of our younger generations?

Classrooms are a unique place where information is exchanged for the sake of learning; this could be a university classroom or one back home in high school. Regardless, the fact remains that classrooms are a key place for learning. 

Within these classrooms, the teacher is free to teach as they please. However, it is a known fact that those teachers who are inclined towards using more creative methods for teaching raise better. These smarter students eventually develop a flair for creativity themselves.

This is an excellent thing because creativity is a mark of intelligence, as we have already established.

Students spend most of their day within a classroom learning all kinds of things, including science, art, literature, English writing, and history. So, it makes sense that most of their intellectual development takes place within those four walls. Hence, their teachers must harness their true creative potential and help them develop their personalities because if the teachers don’t do this, nobody will!

Therefore, we see that the role of teachers and a suitable education system is crucial when it comes to helping young minds develop their personality and creative thinking abilities.

Why Is Creativity So Important?

There are many reasons why the world believes that creative people are the smartest of them all. Here is a list of reasons explaining why:

Emotional Development

Children who are encouraged to be creative from a young age find it easier to express their emotions, often through art forms like music, dance, and painting. Hence, we see that creative thinking and output help young people develop their personalities to enable them to be more emotionally mature.

Education plays a massive role in this. Educational systems that make room for creativity are encouraging their students to be more emotionally available, especially when they grow into adults, by giving them a suitable outlet for their current feelings.

On the other hand, educational systems that do not encourage creative thinking limit their student’s emotional abilities and may instead encourage them to be adults who are not fully in-tune with their true feelings. Such people often appear emotionally stressed and do not know how to express themselves, leading to tension in their future relationships with not only the people around them but themselves, too, as individuals.

Career Benefits

HR managers and those in charge of hiring people for their firms are always on the lookout for creative individuals. Many people often wonder what sets apart one person with a certain degree from another person with the exact same academic qualification, and it’s this: creative thinking.

It’s simple, really; more creative people bring more to the table. They always manage to present a unique solution to a problem. They have an exceptionally brilliant way of analyzing the world around them, making them excellent people to work with.

However, all of this begins at school. Educational systems can make or break a child’s creative skills. This is because, as a young child or teenager, one’s fundamental personality is groomed within the classroom walls by their teachers and peers.

If students are actively encouraged to bring forth their creative perspectives, it leaves a positive mark on their personality and helps them understand that creative thinking is a virtue, not a flaw that needs to be shunned. 

Creativity is what makes us all unique and sets us apart as individuals with distinct streams of consciousness and ideas. Therefore, students must receive an education that can help them cultivate this ability.

Final Thoughts

Education is a fundamental right, and for a good reason. Without a suitable education, young people would never be able to harness their true potential. In order for children and teenagers to succeed in life, they must be part of an educational system that will help them develop their creative thinking skills.

Moreover, we see that educational systems which are more inclined towards encouraging creativity rather than shunning it are the ones that put out more successful students. This is why people who opt for more creative degrees in university often end up with higher-paying jobs than those who choose degrees that do not encourage creative thinking.

All in all, it is safe to say that education plays a key role in helping an individual develop their personality and unlock their true creative potential.

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This article was written by Eve Maygar, a staple content writer for research paper writing service PapersOwl. Eve is an exceptional writer, blogger, and expert in education. She has published multiple research papers online that have been cited in top academic journals across the country.

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  1. I really agree with the comments in the article. Children who are encouraged to be creative from an early age are more likely to express emotions. It is possible through artistic activities such as music, dance and painting. Thus creative thinking and output help young people develop their personality which makes them more emotionally mature.

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