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"I really like this platform. There wasn't a nursery that was as close as possible to where I live and with this site I was able to do it. I am very grateful." - Fernando Gonzalez

"I love this website! I have been looking for a list of daycares in my area, and all the links would send me to Roseburg, but that is 20 minutes away from where I am. I just wanted to let you know that you made things quick and easy and I really appreciate it! Thank you" - Nicole Ledford

"I am looking to relocate to another state, looking for a daycare or preschool has been difficult since I work and then have to commute back and take care of my kids. This website has been so easy to navigate and has all of the information that I was looking for. If there was a daycare that didn't list the price there was still a contact number to be able to get that information. This has been so helpful and I hope that every city has their info on here." - Robin

"The information was easy to look up. It was useful and current. They're were a number of people to call. I felt like a Mom who had options in care rather then a Mom who was desprate to find care in my area. I like that you do not charge a fee. There was no fee to talk to the providers either. It was a blessing to run across this sight. I also liked the MAP. It help me to elimate making appointments with providers that were out of my way in regards to my route to work. " - Brenda

"Thank you so much for being available to us. We were in search of finding an in home day care for our grandchild and we found the most awesome family to care for him!!!! Thank you thank you thank you! " - Lucretia