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Home Daycare Interview Questions

17 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Home Daycare

It’s hard to imagine anything being more important than knowing that the little ones you treasure most in the world are in good hands.

Finding the right daycare is seldom easy and should never be taken lightly. Don’t skimp or assume. Exercise due diligence, be thorough in your research, and pay attention to any red flags (and even your gut instincts).

Don’t let yourself feel guilty about having high standards and strict expectations. When deciding who you trust to care for your children, it’s far better to be too picky than too lax. Nothing should come before your child’s happiness and wellbeing.


Tips For Adjusting Your Home For A Child With Autism

Undoubtedly, you have heard of autism or Asperger’s by now. Even if you don’t have anyone in your immediate family on the spectrum, the awareness of this neurological condition has spread — as so has accurate diagnoses from pediatricians.

That’s why you might have guests coming that include a child with autism. Is your house ready for such a visitor? Don’t panic, as many children on the autism spectrum have special needs you can easily address. But before you make any changes to your home, it helps to know the truth about autism.

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How Vocational Counseling Benefits Young Adults with Cerebral Palsy

The most common disability of childhood, Cerebral palsy can impose limitations to varying degrees, especially as individuals grow into adulthood and face the challenge of being able to work and be independent. Because these children have more challenges than others, they can benefit from vocational counseling to help them learn job skills and find the career that will help them live independent, satisfying lives as adults.

3 sign your kids are in danger

Is Your Childcare Provider Safe? 3 Signs Your Kids are in Danger

The first time you hand over your child to a childcare provider can be intimidating. No matter how much you have researched, examined and interviewed, you will always worry if your precious one is being taken care of safely with love and concern. However, you can ease that anxiety early on if you know what to look for when touring childcare facilities.

Many experts agree that healthy child development requires a strong balance of physical, emotional and mental stimulation. From proper nutrition to regular comforting human contact, healthy development begins from day one. Making sure your little one is being nurtured is not a one-time check; it’s an ongoing process.

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Registry of Individuals Prohibited from Operating Unlicensed Early Learning Centers

The Louisiana Department of Education maintains an active registry listing the names of any individual with an existing court order prohibiting them from operating an early learning center without a current, valid license from the Department. The registry includes the individual’s name, the name of any early learning center the individual operated, and the parish in which the provider was located along with links to available court orders or injunctions.

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Registry of Revoked Early Learning Center Licenses in Louisiana

Below is a listing of revoked licenses for the past 24 months.

In accordance with Louisiana Bulletin 137, Chapter 13, if a license is revoked or renewal is refused due to failure to comply with licensing laws, regulations, or minimum standards, or if a license is surrendered to avoid such adverse action, a center shall not be qualified to submit a new application for licensure for a minimum disqualification period of 24 months.

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Report Child Abuse and Neglect

If you suspect that a child’s health or safety is jeopardized due to abuse or neglect by parents or other caretaker who has custody of the child, contact the appropriate authority in the county or state, in which, the child resides. If you believe a child is in immediate danger of harm, please call 911 first.

Your confidential call will not only make sure the child is safe, but also help provide the child’s family the services they need to provide a safe, loving and nurturing home.

Below are the specific information for each of the states:

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Report Child Care Violations/Complaints

To report suspected licensing violations or possible illegal child care operations, use the contact information below, depending on where the child care is located.

10 Ways to Have a Great Summer Out of School

With summer just around the corner and school about to let out, now is the time to make the most of your child’s summer vacation. Whether it’s local projects and day trips or wider excursions, here are some fun and easy ways to keep your child engaged.

Expanding a Daycare Business to Include Preschool Classes

Expanding a daycare business in order to include preschool classes can be a lucrative choice, as there are a wide array of benefits which can be associated with offering a preschool curriculum. For an existing daycare business, this can easily translate to substantially increased enrollment numbers and greater client satisfaction, but will require some significant changes and ample preparation. Before announcing preschool classes and an extended curriculum, daycare administrators and managers are urged to carefully research their options and the associated requirements.