Frequently Asked Questions


How much does it cost to list my daycare on Childcare Center?

It’s free!

How do I list my daycare on Childcare Center?

Create an account by entering your name and a few basic details (make “create an account” clickable to the page). IMPORTANT: Under account type, be sure to list yourself as a childcare center or home daycare provider, whichever best describes your service. Users who register as “Parent” cannot list a daycare facility. Enter the ZIP code of your facility, not your mailing address. Check your email for an activation link. This will take you directly to the login page. Use the email and password you just created to log in. You will be taken automatically to a list of providers in your zip code. Check to see if your facility is already listed. If it is, click “Claim/Update,” and you will be taken directly to your listing, where you can start updating information. If you do not see your listing, click on Add New Daycare. You will be taken directly to the online form to add your information. Just answer the questions and click submit.” You will receive an email within 48 hours indicting if your listing has been approved.

How do I change my profile status from Parent to Provider?

Contact us and we will change your status.

Why can’t I see my listing?

If you just registered, your listing will need to be approved before it is posted. You will receive an email within 48 hours indicating whether your listing is approved or not. If it is not approved, we will let you know what needs to be changed or added.

Why was my listing request not approved?

Here are the most common reasons a request is not approved:

  • Incomplete information – Please fill in required fields.
  • Invalid email address – When registering, use a working email address.
  • Your daycare is not registered – We only list registered daycares.
  • A home daycare registers as a daycare center
  • A daycare center registers as a home provider
  • You are unlicensed or your license has expired

I am trying to list my daycare, but I can’t access the registration page.

When you registered, did you indicate you are a parent or a provider? Only provider accounts can claim, add, or update a daycare. Contact us to change your status.

When registering, I accidentally chose Home Daycare/Childcare Center instead of the other option. How do I change my status?

Contact us and we will change your status.

I accidentally claimed someone else’s day care. How do I un-claim it?

Contact us, and we will un-claim your listing.

How can I update my current listing?

While logged in, go to your provider page. At the top, click the UPDATE link. Fill in your changes then click the update button at the bottom of the page.

Why are my updates not showing?

Updates need to be approved. They should be visible on your profile page in less than 48 hours.

I no longer provide daycare. How do I remove my listing from your website ChildcareCenter?

Email your daycare information and let us know you would like us to remove your listing using this Contact (contact) form.

How do I edit the photos on my listing?

Why am I taken to another provider’s listing when I click on my own?

How do I add my daycare to your listing?

Please go to Providers and follow the steps listed on that page.

My daycare is already listed. How do I make an update?

Go to Provider page and follow the instruction there.

I no longer provide daycare. How do I remove my listing from your website?

Email your daycare information using this Contact form.

I’m a provider, and a parent posted a negative review. Will you remove it?

We do not remove reviews because they are negative.


How can I find out about rates and available openings for my child from a specific provider?

In some cases, rate range is included in a provider’s listing. For specific rates and available child openings, you must contact the provider directly.

How do I directly contact a daycare provider I find on ChildcareCenter?

In most cases, the direct number to the daycare provider is included in their listing. When it is not, we list the number of the Child Care Licensing Program. You may call this number for more information, or search for the provider online.

Will ChildcareCenter relay a message to a daycare provider?

No. ChildcareCenter only provides information. You will need to contact the provider directly.

The provider’s phone number is not working. Can you send me their email address?

ChildcareCenter cannot provide any information about providers other than what the provider has listed on their page.

Why was my review removed?

We reserve the right to remove reviews that do not reflect our guidelines. If your review was removed, please read our guidelines and submit another review with these in mind. We do not remove reviews simply because they are negative.

General Questions

Why I can’t log in to my account?

Wrong/forgotten password – Contact us if you need to change your password Email address is different than the one you used to register – Contact us if you need to change your email.

Do you have information about employment opportunities?

No. You must contact the provider directly.

Can I register as both a parent and a provider?

Only one type of listing or account is permitted per email. If you need to register as both a parent and a provider, you will need to register each account separately, using two different emails.