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The Bethlehem Center of Winston-Salem, a 5-Star Early Childhood Education Center, serves a vital need for low income, working parents.

Tuition is based on income and the Bethlehem Center is one of a few local centers that offer tuition on a sliding scale. We participate in a variety of voucher programs.

The facility also welcomes private pay clients

and offers a diverse experience for children ranging from 3 months old to 4 years old.

There are also before and after school programs for children ages 5 through 12 years old, and a full featured summer enrichment program.


The Bethlehem Community Center organization code with the United Way of Forsyth County is #104. Please support the Bethlehem Community Center by designating your approaching United Way pledge with this code. Your contribution will be forwarded to the Bethlehem Community Center as requested

Additional Information:

Five Star Center License

Program and Licensing Details

  • License Number: 3451073
  • Capacity: 200
  • Age Range: Infants to 4
  • State Rating: 5
  • Enrolled in Subsidized Child Care Program: Yes
  • Type of Care: After School, Before School, Daytime, Full-Time, Part-Time
  • District Office: North Carolina Dept of Health and Human Services - Division of Child Development
  • District Office Phone: (919) 662-4499 (Note: This is not the facility phone number.)

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Inspection/Report History

Where possible, ChildcareCenter provides inspection reports as a service to families. This information is deemed reliable, but is not guaranteed. We encourage families to contact the daycare provider directly with any questions or concerns, as the provider may have already addressed some or all issues. Reports can also be verified with your local daycare licensing office.

Inspection Date Classification* Inspection Type Score (out of 235 points)
2020-09-18 Superior Sanitation Inspection 224
2019-07-02 Superior Sanitation Inspection 222

*The following scale shows what the different sanitation ratings mean.
Superior -- 0-15 demerits, no 6-point item
Approved -- 15-30 demerits, no 6-point item
Provisional-- 31-45 demerits, or a 6-point item
Disapproved-- 46 or more demerits, or failure to improve provisional classification
Summary Disapproval-- when right-of-entry to inspect is denied, when an inspection is discontinued at the request of the operator, or when a water sample is confirmed positive for fecal coliform, total coliform or other chemical constituents.

If date of inspection is more than 9 months old, call the facility directly to ensure this is the most recent report available.

If you are a provider and you believe any information is incorrect, please contact us. We will research your concern and make corrections accordingly.


Not my child Sep 19, 2021
I have used this provider for more than 6 months

Bethlehem what i thought was a great daycare for my two girls i have been seeing signs but i would look past them. Both of my girls had been going to Bethlehem once this pandemic started this year since one of my kids had been there she has been coming home with a big knot on her head once i got off work my cousin asked me about it and i know she didn't come to school with that knot on her head she is very delayed in i thought they new how to take care of kids since when that was happening i started taking pictures of my kids because the school was saying that she came from home like that and i know she didn't it looked to big and new and it was purple also my girls teachers who i thought were great teachers they made it seem that way. And then one of my girl's again the same one she had spot on her chest and i didnt know how it got there her teacher (shaun) aaked me after school what happen to her chest and i replyed maybe her sister done it because she is rough with her sister from time to time so when i went home i looked myself and was like oh no her sister didn't do this so i text the teacher to let her know and then when it was pouring down really bad they power went out from the school do to the bad weather and parents had to come get there kids i went up there and i found out that the teacher called cps on me because of my child with that spot. Cps said that it looked like a burn mark so what i was thinking they thought i burned my child so i had to take her to her doctor are the emergency room so i can have documents that it's not a burn mark are whatever the teacher was thinking. Even cps was agreeing with the teacher because how she came to me talking about my past etc. So when i took my child the both places her doctor and the emergency room both places couldn't tell me what it was even the social worker came in the room also and i told her what the teacher told cps and called them on me so me and my child was ok to leave the hospital and they didn't know what is was also but found out it wasn't a burn mark people were telling me it looked like a ring worm so now i know that the school was trying to make a case out of nothing trying to say i burned my child and i told them i don't know what happen. And this type of situation happened before so this makes 2 times I've been accused of something that has to do with my kids at this daycare. These are my first kids and i love them with all my heart even though i am a single mother of 2 year olds i didn't want my kids to be a target for that daycare so i took my kids out of that daycare because i started thinking that the school are teachers wanted to do harm to my kids so i wanted my kids with me all the time because my kids are babies and they aren't even communicating a lot to even tell me what's going on in that school and the teachers don't really tell me anything anyways. So i rather be safe then sorry and i want my kids to come home and not worrying about if that school is going to do something harmful to my kids when I'm not around. I recommend if you know how it feels for your kids to always come home with knots are bruises and you know they didnt leave your home like that do not let your kids attend Bethlehem because i see now and people has been telling me that Bethlehem has been doing stuff to kids there mostly babies. So please if you care that much about your precious baby do not send them to Bethlehem look somewhere else so your babys would be safe if your child can't communicate well enough to let you know what's going on at that school do not send them there.

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Anonymous former teacher Feb 05, 2021

Stay away by all means this place, protects/ covers up Animal And Child abusers; is unprofessional, dishonest, conniving, messy, inconsiderate; and doesn’t believe in having quality company integrity or character! I have never had such a bad work experience until working here. Discrimination, inequity galore. Clear hierarchy and unethical practices. If you donate, RESTRICT your donations! Director and office staff are the most privileged and laziest people I've ever met, and doesn't understand their role as a leader. CEO misuses agency money for personal benefit. Leadership team is made up of uneducated privileged persons who have limited understanding. Very negative workplace culture, leadership mistreats staff. Leadership cannot relate to direct service staff or to the people the agency serves. A lot of discrimination in workplace practices. A lot of politicking around. Teaching staff are the most important employees, yet here they are treated like they don't matter, director and office staff take a very dictatorial approach. Leadership absolutely does not practice or live out the agency's stated values or mission. Only cares only personal and political gain. Unfortunately, they have the the board wrapped around their fingers. The “Leaders”here possess no empathy, no compassion, and no real understanding of how to practice in an ethical manner. Working here was traumatizing and triggering to say the least because of the punitive and abusive way Leadership treats its employees. Drama filled environment. AWFUL management. You get lied on, lied to, deal with toxic work environment, no work life balance, poor leadership, rudeness and favoritism daily, & people cussing in front of the children. Directors have their favorites that get to halfway follow the rules while others that actually do their work are constantly picked on. They over work you and don’t have enough people to help cover a room.There is so many awful problematic issues; and people are discarded like trash if you disagree with management or stand up for yourself. This agency is run by a group of women who could not hack it in the corporate world, so they've decided to use a nonprofit to exert power and control over others. If you want a career that is meaningful and if you want to contribute something as well as be valued and appreciated in your field, STAY AWAY from this horrific organization!!

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Shona Jones Jun 16, 2020
I have used this provider for less than 6 months

The staff and teachers are friendly and helpful. They are practicing safety guidelines as we transition through the COVID pandemic. I appreciate all they do! :)

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Former employee Dec 13, 2018

This is strictly from an employee stand point, my experience at this center was far the worse experience I have ever had working in a childcare center. The management is so lack and so unprofessional. The management as a whole is rude and disrespectful to the employees. For my experience I was never truly welcomed at the center I was personal told by the director and assistant director that I was treated different because of my skin color this was one of the many reasons why I left. I have never been so disrespected in my life. I came to Bethlehem with high hopes for a better work environment because I had heard good things but once starting at Bethlehem it was nothing but a disappointment and lack of professionalism with the management team. I have hopes that the concerns are addressed that have been expressed on this site and that no ones else will have to go through what I went through. 


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Current parent Dec 03, 2018
I have used this provider for less than 6 months

I am a parent of a two year old and also have a third grader who attended here for years. This center was in distress before Mrs. Debra took over. I have never had an issue with the teachers or the management staff. To the two employees that are so dissatisfied with the management staff I have one question for you.......why are you still working there if you hate it so much. It is employees like you that give the center a bad name and you both should be fired. Mrs. Debra.....I support you 100% and think you need to weed out these bad apples. Keep up the good work.

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Chanel White Nov 14, 2018
I am an employee

I presently work for Bethlehem and I am very upset because I have a degree and my salary is not close to $14.00 an hour. Ms. Dbra is a unfair, unprofessional, crooked director. In order to become EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH you have to either snitch on teachers or beat a child. One time I was out sick a couple if days and Ms Lara used my vacation time to cover my sick days WITHOUT my permission. Brittane was out on maternity leave and received a FULL PAYCHECK and her vacation time was never used. When Mrs Debra family doesn’t come to work their time is NEVER deducted. Ms. Baker wanted a certain teacher fired for pinching babies in her program and Mrs Debra promoted the teacher to management and never fired the teacher. Bethlehem is a non-profit organization therefore I know that there are thousands of dollars in checks that are mailed in to Bethlehem on a MONTHLY basis because it was shown to me by a management staff. I don’t know why Mrs Debra will not pay her teachers the amount they deserve because the money is there to make it possible. Maybe we can get a raise of Mrs Debra stop biying new homes every year perhaps we can get a raise. I am curious to know on a directors salary with a retired husband HOW is it possible for her to buy 3 new houses in 3 years along with new cars? Unless Bethlehem provides their directors with these incentives. I have noticed that arpund the 15th of each month the management staff is very happy and is eating luxury lunches. Could it be possible that 15th is when those checks arrive to Bethlehem? Another concern i have is that there are at least 4 employees that have been employed at Bethlehem for over 42 years and their salary is less than $13 an hour when Mrs Debra granddaughter Taylor have never worked in childcare and have no education have been promoted to management and her salary is more than employees who have been there over 40 years????? These are facts. Also why have the accountant never caught Mrs Debra over charging parent? If a parent make a partial payment Mrs Debra goes back into the computer and delete it so that the parent would have to make a double payment the next month. Not to mention these parents are on government subsidies and why would Mea Debra do this to them? Oh I forgot they are black. In the Early Head Start there have been several children on the roll that Mea Debra received funding for but those children never ever attended. That is FRAUD and Head Startt is a federal funded program so how is Mrs Debra getting away with this. Just like someone took the initiative to investigate the former management team it is clearly that Mrs Debra needs to be investigated and the teachers need their raises.

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Former Employee Nov 05, 2018
I am an employee

This center is to provide an educational foundation for children in our community. In last 4 years the front office staff was rebuilt and replaced by Debra and her family. First of all Debra(white) hired her best friend Laray (white)to be the assistant director with NO education. Laray is from Nebraska and she hates African Americans. Belinda (black) has a degree was hired to work the front desk because she is black and knows how to relate to African Americans. Laray(white) made more money than Belinda(black) thats one reason Belinda resigned. I never ever saw Laray hug, kiss, or cuddle with an African American child so why is she employed in OUR COMMUNITY. Laray ONLY hugs and cuddles one child and that child is white and the parents are friends of Laray. Laray always make racial comments to employees and it does get reported to Debra. Bethlehem is being operated by a bunch of RACISTS individuals that came from Lexington to hold our African Americans back from their education by kicking children put the program. This family SHOULD NOT be operating Bethlehem.

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Sara Oct 09, 2018
I have used this provider for more than 6 months

Today my 2 year old son and 5 month old daughter were KICKED OUT , yes kicked out of daycare because for the past WEEK my son has been coming home with scratches, marks, bruises, and a KNOT a little smaller than a golf ball on the back of his head. Each day I pick him up his teachers ALWAYS has a negative comment to say: “he was too loud,” “he was running around (being bad)”.... thinking to myself “you are teachers and being paid more than 300 monthly to care for children , why can’t you control running or yelling?” My son was then SUSPENDED for 2 days because of this. TODAY as I was getting my son from school he had yet ANOTHER scratch on his face, I then asked his teacher what happened and she replied, “he did it himself”. I said ok and walked away to head out of the door. As I was walking out of the door I see his teacher MS. SHAUN go to tell the director that I WAS BEING RUDE AND DISRESPECTFUL but she was whispering trying to make it where I could not hear her. I walked back towards them and they stopped talking. I then told the director I was aware that Jabez teacher was talking about me and was I able to join the conversation. The director then told me she WOULD NOT talk to me and    Her teacher is the best! I was told to leave and I did. I called the police to try to help the situation and understand why I couldn’t speak to the director. About 5 minutes after speaking with the officer the director told me my daughter and son WERE NO LONGER WELCOMED BACK. Now I have to find another daycare for my kids and somehow be out of work.

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George M. Mason Dec 01, 2016

I attended kindergarten at Bethlehem Center in 1959-1960. After that, I participated in their after school program from 1964-1966.

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Carol Wilson Sep 16, 2016

Bethlehem is awesome, the teachers and staff are awesome. I worked at Bethlehem centers office in 88-89 teachers and staff were great.

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Bonita Scarbrough Oct 04, 2014

This place holds a special place in my heart. I was in high school, when I started working here. This was in 1985. I loved going to work here. To this day I still work in the childcare field. If it was possible I would go back to where it all started for me. Congratulations Bethlehem community centre you have come a long way.

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