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With 1,307 preschools and child development centers operating in the state of Vermont, the right daycare option is waiting for you. Whether you prefer a larger preschool with an innovative early childhood curriculum or the cozy personalization of smaller daycare centers, there are Vermont childcare centers to fit every preference and budget. Check out the Quick Search box on the right hand side of the page in order to search for childcare providers by zip code or city/state. You can also click on your county and follow the links. You will be able to access information about scores of different childcare providers in your area, complete with reviews, business hours, a street view map, the age ranges the childcare providers service, the size of the service, and where the provider is located.

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Little Crickets

Little Crickets

Northfield, VT 05663 | (802) 917-8449

Little Crickets is both a warm family home as well as a collaboration of professional experienced caregivers, parents, and educators.  We are able to pool from our vast knowledge of early child development and teaching strategies, working together to create a caring safe, positive, and enriching environment where our children practice social skills, life and kindergarten readiness, and learn by playing!  By keeping a small intimate “home” environment we are able to provide a clean, bright, joyful aesthetic within a nourishing family setting. By adopting “center” style operations we are able to provide a strong academic component to care, as well as professional collaboration and support with and for our educators and caregivers.   We embrace diversity and respect differing cultures and parenting styles and look at our relationship with parents as a caring collaboration. We aim for open communication about their child's development and family goals, as well as supporting parents in the pursuit of their own work and interest.   We have a balanced whole child approach that mixes old school values with modern ideals. We are dedicated to building a positive healthy architecture for our little peoples minds and find their open curiosity and joy for the world contagious, we are grateful to get to do what we love and that you would give us the opportunity to share in the care of your child!    

Edwards, Anne Marie

Edwards, Anne Marie

Williston, VT 05495 | (802) 879-5068

Free play while children arrive 8am breakfast and clean up 9am crafts/coloring etc 10am outside play 11:15am cleanup get ready for lunch 11:30am lunch 12:15pm story time 12:30 nap/rest time 2:30 free play 3:00 educational games/learning 4:00 outside play

Bowdish, Louise

Bowdish, Louise

Weybridge, VT 05753 | (802) 545-2280

On a daily basis our day begins around 8 a.m. Some children arrive before then but we have choice time till most show up. Breakfast is between 8 and 8:30. No electronics are used till after 9 a.m. Fridays are an electronic free day which means to electronics are brought from home to share. It is understood that when children bring things from home they are to share and take turns. We work on projects of interest around 9:30 and if it is not completed we set it aside and continue later in the day. We have recess at 10:00 for about 45 minutes. I let the children help prepare lunch and then one of them helps serve with me. It is a highlight for them to see who gets to help me!! After lunch we read for 20 minutes. I have the older children pick out age appropriate books and the little ones either look at board/picture books or I read to them. Nap time is at 1:15 till about 3. Those that do not nap play board games or work on their projects that they may not have finished in the morning. After nap time we have snack and it is offered till 4:15 at which time food is put away and we have another recess. While we are outside the children make up their own games, play games that they remember from school, ride bikes (or practice to learn how to ride a bike) and scooters, play ball, play in the sand and water during the summer or go sliding and play in the snow during the winter, play 'house' or help me in the garden. It would be hard for me to list all the things the children and I do during the day!! Pick up time usually starts around 4:45. Another highlight that the children look forward to is that on Fridays we have movie time. They take turns either bringing an age appropriate movie from home or choosing one of mine. We turn the living room into a movie theater with seats in rows, making movie tickets and making popcorn as a snack. I encourage new families to come visit as many times as it takes for them to see what my day care is all about!

Burnham, Casey

Burnham, Casey

Wallingford, VT 05773 | (802) 558-4414

Program- my mission is to provide a safe, fun, loving environment where families can send there children and also be able to afford. Offering care for infants, toddler and school age. Full/ part time, before school and after school care as well. Snack and lunch- parents will send there children with a packed lunch daily that will be put in my fridge. I will provide 2 snacks. I am a strong believer in healthy food and love to cook and prep food. Children will be included in prepping and preparing healthy foods age appropriate activity.

Stockbridge Afterschool Program

Stockbridge Afterschool Program

Stockbridge, VT 05772 | (802) 763-3237

One Planet provides a variety of educational and enriching after school activities for students in grades K-6. We provide students with homework help and a healthy snack on a daily basis and offer a different enrichment program each day, such as mural painting, sign language, cross-country skiing, Lego League, engineering, cooking, computer literacy and more. We also offer academic tutoring services to referred students. Our activities and tutorials are taught by experienced, qualified teachers, many of whom work at schools during the school day. For more information regarding the program or specific session offerings, please contact us.

Vermont Child Care Licensing Agency

Vermont Agency of Human Services
Department for Children and Families
Child Development Division
Child Care Licensing Unit, , 3 NORTH
103 South Main Street
Waterbury, VT 05671-2901
Phone: 802-241-3110
Toll Free: 800-649-2642 (within state)
Web Site:

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