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Description: Serendipity Family Center offers a unique learning experience that all parents want for their children during those crucial developmental years. We take great pride in our family environment, where everyone is treated with respect. We partner with parents and other caregivers to create a personalized academic plan for each child. As parents, we understand the importance of trusting a provider to care for your child. We have researched schools all around the world to design the best educational experience possible and assembled a high quality staff with over 40 years of combined experience that truly care about children.

We recognize environment is crucial for children. We provide a stimulating environment for children to explore every day. Surrounding children with beautiful classrooms that are safe, fun, and educational is a priority for me as an owner and as a mother.

Additional Information: Provider First Licensed on 08/21/09.

Program and Licensing Details

  • Capacity: 105
  • License Number: 489559
  • Age Range: 6W To 12Y
  • Enrolled in Subsidized Child Care Program: No
  • District Office: Department of Children & Family Services
  • District Office Phone: (877) 746-0829 (Note: This is not the facility phone number.)

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Zakeria Dec 03, 2015
I have used this provider for more than 6 months

My son started coming here at about 3 months I had a hard time letting go seeing this my first and only child and serendipity made me feel nonthing but trustful Sarah even made sure my son got picked up everyday and dropped off when I was high school in picked up when I started college I loved the teachers in did a intern ship there during the summer a couple years ago seeing I'm going into early childhood education we had a personal falling out but I can never forget his first school that I know helped him advance more wish I would've let him go back I loved the kids greatly recommend

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Anonymous Feb 01, 2015

First, I don't know where you people are getting the idea that the facility isn't clean. I can tell you personally that the facility is clean twice a day and clean very well. There is always someone who greets you at the front door with a smile on his/her face. They are very caring about the children they look after and always treat the parents with the respect they deserve. Sarah Royster always tries to work with the parents to try to make thing better and is very professional about it. Yes, Sarah Royster is a new business owner and is trying to learn things about owning a business along the way. Everything doesn't always go perfectly, but her heart is always in the right place. The curriculum is great also. I have seen kids who have been there for 6 months and already I have seen huge growth in reading, math, and language. They also take many field trips every school year. But a huge highlight is their summer camp. They take a field trip every week. The swim 2 times every week and also have a sport lesson. Such as, tennis or golf. There is also a lot of learning. They study a different topic every week, and also have a really great science program called tech kids. But the highlight of the summer is the week long trip they take to DisneyLand Florida. Overall Serendipity is a great school and childcare provider and one of the best childcare on the south side of Chicago.

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Unfortunately, within our black community, finding a great school for your child(ren)to attend where you are completely comfortable with their safety and learning experiences. I was very glad to have done research prior to just selecting a school. It is such a hassle trying to get the best education for your child in Chicago. I am confident in my child's academic success based off the foundation Serendipity provided for my child. She is now returning to this elite school simply because I have come to find there is (as stated before) NO SCHOOL THAT COMPARES TO THE CURRICULUM there at Serendipity. If they were in another location, they could easily charge a tuition of about 1,500 per month. I've done my research. Parents, do your research, and I would not write a review about ANYTHING unworthy.. I wonder what has happened to the parents and their children who wrote the horrible reviews. I'm pretty sure they wish they had stayed. Do your own research. Research curriculum ... Ask better questions, and at least appear to be well educated (even if you aren't) Some of these reviews actually let everyone else know that the terrible education your child may be receiving could possibly be because of what's not being implemented at home. :-/

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PROUD MOTHER Feb 28, 2013

I agree with the Proud Father who rated Serendipity as a 5 star school. I had my daughter in this school for a year and due to my moving to another location, I had to change my daughter's school. THERE WILL NEVER BE A SCHOOL THAT COULD COMPARE TO SERENDIPITY. I understand that the level of professionalism may not be where you would expect it to be initially with the director. However, compared to the CLEANLINESS, the AMAZING staff, and the OUTSTANDING curriculum, you should be able to look past the human characteristics of the directors. They really do succeed at ensuring the safety, cleanliness, and education of your child. My daughter will be enrolling again at this awesome school because she even realizes that there is no school that compares. I love the space the school has.. I love the staff. I appreciate them in the community and I am looking forward to the school's growth. :)

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former client Dec 22, 2011

Sarah is extremely unprofessional and is a horrible director.  She did ask for parents to bring in items she should be providing, for example snacks and tissue, while charging more than other daycares that provide this at no extra cost. There is a huge revolving door on teachers.  My daughter was there for about 8 months, and she had 3 teachers in this short time frame. The main complaint amongst the teachers being that she was extremely rude and unprofessional.  And don't be fooled by the front they put on about being this superior daycare that provides this excellent education.  If you truly pay attention their words or not being backed by action.  Don't waste your money!

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before you enroll Nov 08, 2011


This is the worst school on the southside of Chicago!!!!!. They are not business they are very unprofessional. They expect parents to pay for the basic neccessities to run a business. They send out letters and sign up sheets for tissue monthly(which Sarah and her husband should provide), paper, copies, wipes, graham crakers, etc. And, if you do not provide these things you must pay 20$ a month. Really!!!!

Its called " Budget " you must Budget much better. You can not expect parents to contribute to your everyday functions to run a business. What are you going to pay lights, gas, mortgage, and payroll. This is not considered to be parent involment.This is helping your business stay afloat.This is crazy and parents you are crazy for contributing to these things. Parent involement includes volunteer time,and going on trips. Not things to run your business.!!!!

This is not a Charter nor a private school. You dont have the business ethics to get it there. It shows in your everyday operations. And Arron Royster is suppose to be a principal at a school. If he runs his school like he runs his buisness. Lets see your great school scores. Lets see what the parents say about your leadership skills as a principal.

i have never meet a school whos owner every excuses is that I am a new business. and work with me!!! Sarah the moto is " Fake it till you Make it". You are not this high class school. You are on 99th and Troop in the hood.

They also have NO curriculum in line. I have yet to see one. They claim that they are doing this and that yet its Nothing. Parents should Know what curriculum stands at a school. Period!!!!

They have no lesson plans in order, no field trips. Nothing. She expect,the parents to organize it. well, what are you Sarah Royster doing. Nothing Again!!

So if you would like your child to go to a unorganized school that has no curriculum in line then be more than happy to send your child here. I dont recommend it at all.

Sarah Royster and Aaron Royster go back and do a business plan and set your goals for your school. You can NOT change your parent handbook everytime a issues arrises. Do not send out parent letters about how your money is not right. Thats basically what you are saying if you read between the lines. sarah you are such a coward that you cant even conduct business correctly. You have Mary, as your director to tell YOU how to run a business. You are the director, you should have learned how to run the business before you opened up. Since it was at your home it should have been a smooth transition. Negative, This is a messy school and this is not a environment that you want your child to be apart of.

This school will not be open in another 5 years becasue of the poor business management skills.



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WORST SCHOOL Aug 09, 2011

This is the WORST SCHOOL EVER.. they are very unprofessional.  Especially the Sarah Royster and her husband is phony as ever.  Please sit back and listen to this story and the experience that I had this school.

The school seems to act as if there are using a curriculm yet they are not.  If you ask you never get a staright forward answer.  The school has been through more teachers than I have ever seen in my life.  And Sarah( THE WANNA B DIRECTOR) always says that this is a new business and I am overwhelmed with paper work.  Well, that has nothing to do with the education of my child. 

Next, they have a list of items that you must supply monthly.  Which included, tissue( now come on I am not supplying a pack of tissue for everybody to use even you SARAH), paper, crayons, assist on making copies, crayons, construction paper, wash the blackets every Friday and the list goes on for things to assist with the school.  Then, FOOD, you must sign up to provide with snacks weekly.  NO NO NO.. so what are you SARAH providing nothing.  Then they want to send letters stating that if you want the school to stay in a healthy financially stand.NO NO NO..all of these things sho uld have been placed in your BUDGET!!! before opening up the school.

Next, you must volunteer once a month and if you dont you must pay 20$ are you kidding me!!

Then, the way that she treats the staff is AMAZING!! she is very mean and ignorat towards them.  Thats why they say that you can not let BLACK women have anything.  They think that they are all that and its ashame that we can not support our own..

Also, they claim to have a homework in line for the children yet they dont keep teachers around long enough for that. 

I have also talked to other parents that are so disstaifyed with this school that they have pulled them quickly.  No CHILD THAT HAS STARTED THAT SCHOOL STILL GOES THERE AND THEY HAVE ONLY BEEN OPEN FOR 1 1/2 that says alot.

Next,there school schedule works as followed school starts at 9 and if you are not there by 915 your child can not come.  9-10 is reading n learing 10-11 is song time 11-1130 lunch and 130-1150 bathrrom break 1150-330 nap time 330-6 is play time,  tell me weere the education time is at.

I have also dropped my child off and I have heard her yelling at the babies that were 3 years old saying sit down get this kid out of here I dont have time for this kid right now.  HELLO if you  are a teacher PATIENCE IS A VIRTURE.  I have seen her get into with parents saying if you dont like it you can take your kid and go to another school.  AMazing!! Do you want your child to go here?

If you want your child to have a highly education this not the school for them. They are money hungryand ignorat.  But, Karma is the best thing.

Be careful of this school.

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disappointed parent Apr 12, 2011


My child started daycare at Serendipity when he was 3 months old. I thought this was a great place as well as a great location. The facility was clean, the owner seemed friendly and excited about caring for children. It didn't take long for me to realize that she had no idea what she was doing. She was completely unorganized and often unprofessional. Also, the daycare center is closed for roughly 21 days out of the year which is ridiculous. 


The last straw was when the owner complained about my son  crying after I took him off of his pacifier. She emailed me on a Sunday at 8:30 p.m. (likely to avoid a face to face conversation that could have easily taken place Monday morning) and asked that I give him the pacifier back to him because he cried a lot and his other 3 classmates missed their naps for the day. I responded and stated that he was not sleeping at night because he's constantly looking for his pacifier when it falls out and since I took it away from him he's sleeping better. I stated that I would rather not give him the pacifier back and if it continued to be a problem would could readdress at the end of the week. (FYI: I took the pacifier from him on Thursday night and he supposedly cried all day Friday. My initial thought was her email was a bit premature as it had only been one day.) 


The next day, I saw the owner and she did not speak to me. Later on that day, I called to check on my son (as he was having some health issues the previous day) and she answered. I asked how he was doing and she said "he is HORRIBLE, he won't stop crying. When are you coming to get him? You should have kept him home today?" Amongst other ridiculous statements. My initial concern was if he was not feeling well why didn't she call? She said "they told me to call you but I said she's gone now so let her go ahead on." He was having breathing issues (which she was aware of). That is not something to play around with. He has been sick before and they called immediately. After some additional passive aggressive behavior on her part, I finally asked if she had some sort of problem. Her exact words "I didn't like the email you sent me," in a very inappropriate tone. She stated that she never had  a parent tell her no. She then went off on a rant and we had  a shouting match which included me telling her how to conduct business and be professional. Completely inappropriate....she slammed the phone down and told me to hold on in mid sentence and came back to the phone SIX minutes later. I told her I was on my way and she said ok. But when I got there, she was gone.


I could not believe the lack of professionalism as well as the personal attacks made by her. I immediately lost all trust in her ability to care for my son. All because I asked her to give it a week and see what happens before jumping the gun. At the end of the day, this is my child and I make the decisions, not the childcare provider. Needless to say, my son never returned. 


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PROUD FATHER Mar 16, 2011

Not sure what Daycare your child attends but they are missing out on a wonderful opportunity to meet some of the GREATEST teachers and owners you would EVER meet.  I had my daughter there and she was taken out (Against My will) by her mother to another sub par facility.  Mr and Mrs. Royster are Christians that show GOD's LOVE to every child that steps foot into their facility.  It's one of the cleanest daycares I have EVER seen and it does not smell like bleach all the time.  They are constantly cleaning and making sure your child is safe and grows in a LEARNING environment.

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River Wells Jan 24, 2011

Did not like Serendipity at all.
Appears to be a clean facility with friendly staff but that's just when they know you're coming.  

My inlaws picked up by baby unannounced a few times and they were not impressed w/ staff, facility condition and treatment of children.  I thought they were exaggerating so I did a few unannounced visits, too.  Wow, what happened?  I didn't care for how the kids were left dirty after snacks/lunch (1hour after!) and the manner in which they spoke to the kids was so bad that I was convinced my baby needed to get pulled out of there asap.  They claim lunches are delivered but I noticed it was being prepared on site and not very clean either.  Gloves were on but the cook left the kitchen a few times to attend to a "stray" child and would return to kitchen w/ the same gloves.  What's the point of the gloves?  

I complained to the owner a few times.  At first she was concerned then all I would get is excuses.  Always that she is overwhelmed and under staffed and that she's "trying".  This went on for a couple months and I got out of there.  Beware.... if you give the required cancel notice, they are not nice! I gave notice (2wks) but pulled by baby out within a couple days.  If they were snobby w/ me just walking in/out the door, I could only imagine how they were treating my baby.  I do not recommend at all.

Pull their license!!

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