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Description: Mission Statement: to provide a healthy and positive learning enviroment for early learners @ All Kids 1st ..

Additional Information: Initial License Date: 7/22/2011.

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  • Capacity: 61
  • License Number: 1277606
  • Age Range: Infant, Toddler, Pre-Kindergarten, School
  • Achievement and/or Accreditations Advocate for Special Needs and all Childen of Texas / Received a letter from The President of the United States /Twice 2004 San Antonio Newspaper article: CHILDCARE BEYOND 9-5
  • Enrolled in Subsidized Child Care Program: Yes
  • Type of Care: Child Care Program

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Owner Jun 17, 2018
I am the owner

To my one month staff . 

Oh did you leave something out ? Hmm, Let's review, no call no show. How about too busy texting and not monitering the children, along with many other things . Did i hired a babysitter or a perfessional? Oh, I got it ! Too busy gossiping among other things you mention. Well, I do love rewarding children  where credit is due "one month on a thread". Im sorry that your working ethic didnt match up to your responsbiltiy , faced with problem solving for somone who didnt have the heart and mindset entering a platform of responsiblilty . You had professionalism twited with babysitting . Here at All Kids 1st, there time to be sitting on babies or roaming your phone , facebooking, or seeing if your job will be waiting for you. So, You made this plot to write nasty things after getting expelled from my school (LOL) , Hey, Did you forget that was creating a new website that will have "so tell us" applied where parent could leave a physcial comment so they woundnt be amused with poeple like you who has nothing better to do after being canned or terminated due to broken policies or incompetent in skills . 

Finally in closing. I do hope that you purchase my book at the end of the year "Neverforgotten" and realized what i had to go through inorder to save my sanity .


For those who would love to visit us . You could find us at



Thank you





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disappointed... May 08, 2018

i was an employee there for only a month and boy i should have read these reviews first. The owner Debra "seemed" very nice at first but my first day there she didn't give me any training just told me what to do and if i didn't do it right she would give me attitude and try to raise her voice at me. She talks so much gossip about the kids and parents about how much she doesn't like this one or that one and about their problems at home that they told her in confidential. Talk about unprofessional she would curse when the kids were around and the classrooms are such a mess and full of dirt and trash all over the place it's nasty really this is by far the worst job i have had she doesn't even care for those kids.

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All Kids 1st Learning Academy Apr 21, 2018
I am the owner

Visit us @ Have a great day~

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Director Feb 20, 2017

I am only here to defend my name and business . I started as a state LICENSED HOME /DAYCARE in 2001 and became very successful . I put all of my energy into educating myself in EARLY CHILD DEVELOPMET and master in many important tools that's needed to enhance the future of our children. Today , I can say that many students that were my students had scored in a gifted and talented level at their local school district and some had completed high school two grade level earlier then expected . So I do have the knowledge and the heart to teach along with the helping hands in making sure the children of Texas has a successful future . Look I didn't signed up to educated parents and staff . Many parents and staff weren't following the policies and procedures. For the past 6 years its been difficult for me as you read . Apparently you see many people who are erupted with insults just to trigger me. Many have come tried to ruin me and my business . As you can see it harder in working with adults then children . My education is with children and not adults . Its hard to deal with adults who are bias and head headed. So I had many confrontations with many of them including one who came at me without reason. All I want for the center is a safe and happy place for me and the children . So, I made a plan and informed the staff last summer that change is coming in 2017. My goal was to implemented the structure of learning with children and teachers . Being a success for all parties . So this is where I am at. Bringing SUCCESS to ALL KIDS at All Kids 1st and making it into a accreditation LEARNING Academy FOR ALL those TO SEE. That is my goal ! So I will allow people to do and say whatever they want to say about me. I'm looking forward to life has to offered me.. I am improving  the quality and atmosphere at ALL KIDS 1st with a new breath of life along with  a positive life for everyone. These 6 years has been" amazing ". I've learned so much about all ages, stages . Some good and some bad.  I struggled with staff who didn't care about the children learning and I had a problems with it being the MOMMY bear that  I am .  I didn't allow things to slipped under the rug. So like I said. The year  2017 is going to be  awesome year  for me  and those who tried to hurt me are  gone . I have a NEW team  and  I will be their mentor  to enhance their  potential  in educating our young ones for success .Have a blessed day.. I know I will.... Sincerely... Director...

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Debra Martinez Feb 14, 2017
I am the owner

Really . You all knew that I was planning to hire an assistant director and things were be changing in 2017 . I wasn't going to continue in babysitting grown woman who I pay a lot more for and the teaching wasn't in the standings of excellence for the care of their child. Do you know how many incident reports that I had to tell other staff  to write up in both of the  rooms? Where were you then when  I need to have them  signed ? Vanessa was hired to be the middle man for me  .. I don't need anyone to turn my daycare around. I am very knowledgeable and educated in running a business. What I don't have is experience in working with WOMAN who aren't so knowledgeable in teaching and caring for children ... In my licensed home daycare , I  had staff who worked for me many  years and quitt becsue she had to care for her siblings becasue her mother had breast cancer. Then I found another one who stayed with me another 3 years until she got married and moved to another state . Then I hired another one worked for me until we got this place and she didn't stay because the ROAD was being torn down and was hard for people to get in.. But for you to write things about me  that doesn't scare me or frighten my business. Like I said. I want staff who make a difference and with some of you there  wasn't and i deceided to  hire someone to be the middle man .. TO make sure Business is business and friendship is friendship. What happen to all those GOOD things I done for many of YOU. Where is that comment? Look What I want is learning @ All Kids 1st and not babysitters who sit and   allowing kids to hurt once another or broken equipment . What bothers me more is when CHILDREN CARE ISNT SURENEDERED and incident aren't pass along  to me along with other things. LOOK YOU have more problems to be worried about like GOING TO JAIL for  Burglary . Entering to a place and being recorded by surveillance cameras . Sorry that YOU don't GET IT.. Like i said you have problems with life and most of them are those on your face book including the one I hired and let go... All I can do is pray for all those here who written so bad things about me... I AM A Educator and not the IT IS WRITTEN "Romans 12:19 Never take your own revenge, beloved, but leave room for the wrath of God, for it is written, "VENGEANCE IS MINE, I WILL REPAY," says the Lord. May MY LORD OF MY SOUL FORGIVE ME ON MY FIRST COMMENT.,,..AND MY YOU GET THE HELP YOU NEED... DEBRA

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Director Feb 13, 2017
I am the owner

Wow - Rebecca- I see that you are up to yourold tricks again. Why don't you add your profile? Did the police picked you up YET . Did you not take your medication? Just face it... Didn't like the new director, refused to follow the policy. Sorry that you are mentally ill and need help. But that isn't going to stop me for pressing charges on you for burglary .. Also ..Please leave my clients alone. THEY DONT care if they did you would've had my business.. SEEK HELP.. O by the way... Just to let your know .. THE camera recorded you braking and entering..without permission... And for those who read this... Do listen to a scorned woman .. VISTIT us .. Before you listen to someone crazy who has no JOB and is desperate to calls someone a narcissistic ... Director

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RAJ1309 Feb 04, 2017

The owner/director of this center is a narsasistic, crazy, very unprofessional, delusional woman!!! I worked for her for a few years and saw first hand the verbal abuse to the staff, the children, the parents, as well as licensing reps and children's therapists. She is very unorganized and blames Everything on her staff. She is like an abusive spouse- she's yelling and screaming at you one minute and then buying you tacos kissing your butt the next minute. She hires people right off the street with no background checks first or anything and then when background checks come back bad she fires them and moves on to the next random person. Just in the pre school class alone this past year there were over 8 teachers in that room. She can't keep good staff because of how she treats them. She tells everyone's personal business to everyone weather it's an employee, parents, or child. She recently hired an assistant director (Vanessa) that's probably the best thing she has done since she opened that center! Vanessa I think is very professional, very organized, and will be good for the center.....Now if Debbie can butt out and let Vanessa take full control and get things turned around that would be amazing! I wish Vanessa good luck and see how long she can handle that narsasistic witch of an owner :) Watch and see for yourself the high turnover rate of teachers, the way Debbie speaks to parents and her employees, and just imagine how she treats your poor children!!!

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... May 16, 2016

Wow.. Cant please everybody. Director!

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Mommy10 May 10, 2016
I have used this provider for more than 6 months

This has to be the worst daycare in San Antonio. Parents beware, this daycare is run by an extremely rude, unprofessional and arrogant director. Don't be fooled by her sitting there reading her bible, she is anything but Godly. Your child will be put in harms way with the practices at this facility. Her rooms are always out of ratio and the employees help her manipulate the appearances of the daycare.

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Director Feb 05, 2016
I am the owner

Wow, MILITARY BEWARE!!!! Very poor management and it is ran horribly. Thanks for coming and retrieving your 2015 Childcare tax form for the second year in a row. Did you miss me? Just a little? I am just finding humor in your "MILITARY BEWARE" comment. But just like I told you today, YOU did me a favor when you added this " MILITARY BEWARE", now your company can see who you really are. So I am so thankful that GOD gave me a heart to forgive parents that have ungrateful intentions. But wait, how many years were you here? Long enough to remember YOU, over a year and a half. Oh by the way, Kids bring JOY in our place, but then we have to reckon with a couple of seasonal Parents throwing tantrums because of rules and regulations that aren't to their likings. But, by the way, this center will be working towards being ACEDITATED because "WE" mean something to the children of San Antonio and what we teach!!! We're not babysitters on patrol. OUR families and children LOVE what we are all ABOUT! The "military families" love us so much that we keep growing!!! Peace! Debbie

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Unsatified military mama Mar 17, 2015

MILITARY BEWARE!!!! Very poor management and it is ran horribly. Hours of operation are not what they state and this child care facility is NOT at all NACCRA approved. I understand that there is bound to be drama everywhere you go but this place is out of control, 98 percent of that is just from one person. I know many military that have or will be move their children back on post/base due to how poorly we as parents get treated (if this is how us as adults get talked to just imagine what our kids see) I refuse to allow my child to be exposed to that sort of behavior (it happens throughout the day). If it was ran better I wouldn’t hesitate with going there however I will not be recommending this child care center to anyone especially military.

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concerned parent Oct 24, 2013

This was a very good place until I put in my notice. The Director had an attitude and told me my daughter didn't listen anyway even though she is one year old. I have never met a person as rude as her. I then had to have a cop escort me to get my things because she would not simply return my daughters items. She has since then made threats, called my husband's boss, and I am permanently scarred with daycares. The above comments even shows unprofessionalism by her arguing with people who have the right to leave their review. Children are the joy in life, and they should be left only with loving and caring people.

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Marisol Aug 18, 2012

Dear Ms. Debbie,  Thank you so much for taking care of me for these past two years.  I have learned and grown so much.  Thank you for providing discipline, love, a safe learning environment, an awesome play ground and snacks!  I enjoyed all the games we played, listening to music, celebrating holidays, painting, reading and learning so many things.  I am off to school this year.  I am very grateful that you helped me create a good learning foundation so that I will excel in all that I do as I continue to grow up.         <3 Marisol

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Director May 05, 2012

This is to the concern parent that came back and forth from my center after being terminated by CCDS on many occasions during a 2 1/2 months ordeal. 1st ... Your child never received any injury at any time in my center . You were upset that I would take the blame of something that happen 17 hours later. 2nd .....You called me the following day @9:30 am and you told me how you woked up and you really didn't know happen to her eye. I then ask you to email me to see what your were talking about . I told you she didn't have that when she left the day before . I suggested that you take her to see her physican or the local hospital and to bring me back the findings of the child but your refused. I confronted you and you started to get out raged. I then asked you to leave and you were terminated . My security team is the one that called the local authorities (SAPD) and we were under a code Adam. I gave you a warning to get off my property and to wait for the officers across the street. I had one of my parents that work for Child Protective services to call in that report for me .

An investigation was conducted and the center and no finding on that case . Thank you for your picture that you sent me. That picture was given to the investigator to proof that your child injury didn't take place there. Our Investigation is closed and your's is still pending. And as being a single mother "let me leave that one alone."


Please be aware: That this wont effect my work as a Educator or Advocate. My rating is based on my compliance with the "state" and not from you. You are upset becaused you lost good care just like the other ones. And for the ex- employees... that is another story and I won't waste my time on ....

This will be my last time explaining myself here. I don't have or need to and either do you...

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Director May 02, 2012



You sound like a mess. For some to hear something about somebody personality and to bring thier child back and forth 3 times due to not able to hold a job. The city tried helping you and I tried. Well. Let me add to your comment. Yes, your child did attend and yes we were tierd of your drama. You are not the only single parent that comes to my center here.  Let talk about  you now.  You bring your child  to the center at 4am in the morning after chasing the club's . And what about your child overdosing on medication caused no one was watching her. And there are many other things to add but with my wicked hart I will not exposed to make you look even ugly'er and you want to tell everyone how crazy I am . You called my center at 9:30am 17 hours later asking me what happen to your child . Telling me how you just woke up and found your child having a black eye. Then you emailed me a picture and i review it and I told you it doesn't look like a black eye.. It looked  like something bit her. I asked you to take her to see a physcian and bring me back an excused along with what the finds were.

 Well, you never brought her in that day. But you brought her back the following day which i wasn't there  the tme you brought her. When , I confronted you when you picked her up . I ask for the doctor excuse and You stated to me:"That you didn't had time yesterday to take her see the doctor and how anyway you knew it was a black eye". I told You if you are for sure it is a black eye . Than maybe you gave it to her. You stated to scream and cuss and you and your friend were told that your services were termnated and  to get off  property.The daycare went down on a CODE ADAM which we use as a disturbance. I am so blessed that something told me to wake you the children  early and take them outside. I am the one that pulled our fire pullswitch to have the security to call us so they can notify authorities on our behalf.   I have parents that work for the Department of Family protective services and have parents that been with me since I opn my center over 14 months now some been with me when I was a licensed family home.  If I was so abusive person emotional trust  me they will had filed a report long time ago. You and my fierd staff j have nothing better to do to find the time to add your comment becaused of getting fierd or being terminated.

My center speaks for itself, by the way it look and the inspections that are found and open to the public @ Texas childcare Licensing and not based of parents and staff  that get terminated and comments.  I am a strong person putting myself as a  mother first when my children are  under my care and under supervision by my staff/caregiver.


If you would like to review our inspections please visit @

 All Kids 1st Learnigng academy


Thank You.....


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Director Apr 26, 2012

Regarding comment 4/16/2012


This  for the concern Parent 4/16/2012...


First, You dont' call the center and say. What  happen to my child  17 hours later? How you just woke up and found your child having a black eye . And second, You left  at the center the daybefore with NO marks on her. And you wanted us to be responsible for accidents that you caused to your own child . Once again you were terminated for not bringing a doctor statement plus, causing a disturbance when you were confronted regarding her being seen by a prorfessional . And as for my staff you were again a lost cause in being a better mother !!

Oh by the way ... Our investagation is closed and besides your child had a stye, not a black eye that you claime it  was ... Next time take her to get checked by a professional and not a caregiver or Director...

Oh.. by the way you need to put more clother on when you what to IDentfi yourself as a Good MOther and besides I'm the one that removed you are your clu friend from the properity and pull the fire switch to get local attorities her!!

And besides is your  4th  time coming in and out  thru our doors. It seem that you are not who you claim you to be. That explainds alot your your CHARACTER as mother....

And beside you owe me 2 weeks free daycare!!


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Concern Parent Apr 17, 2012

I experience this daycare for a few months and has heard Mrs.Debie been very rude to her employees she talks to them like there little kids she screams and talks crazy. She even called me a bad mom after my daughter was injured at her facilites her co workers are so afraid they wouldnt speak after telling me what happen . now if i was a bad mom how did i go to her daycare and help her fix her computer. Now who threating to call CPS on a single parent struggling to take  care of her kids who keep them clean and make sure she at school. Debbie was cursing in front of the kids and staff. I called 911 and informed them about her behavoir. So i recommend you take your kids to a different daycare. 

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Joshua Jan 18, 2012

First, my daughter has been attending Ms Debbies daycare for almost a year. My wife and I are very particular when it comes to the care of our daughter, like any parent should be. I have been very pleased with our daughters progress since her attendence at this daycare and have seen our daughter make drastic improvements.  I also would like to thank the staff and Ms Debbie for all the love my daugghter receives at her daycare, and I strongly reccomend to any parent Ms Debbies services.


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Get over it....... Jan 02, 2012

First of all I want to remind people that there will always be drama at any job. I have yet to meet a person in this world say" I have the perfect job." I am a present employee at this daycare and I have to disagree with these comments that have been posted by 2 ex-employees. One of the reasons I disagree with the first comment is that when Tecko Smith was finally hired after numerous calls and visits by her wanting a job there, Mrs Debbie payed her on her first day. Tecko needed money for something personal so she could start working, and Debbie gave her the money on that first day of employment to help her out. How come you didnt mention that on your comment? I don't know how you could write this comment on this website because anyone who is a parent like you say you are would have confronted Mrs. Debbie on the spot if you were witnessing all this abuses. Now about the staff not having any special qualifications, we have the 20 hours training we need a year that is required by Child Licensing. We may not have a CDA like you who had no job and obviously no daycare center wanted you, but our parents thank us everyday when they pick up their children. They are the only diploma we need!!! About the second comment we have close to 30 kids in the center and only 4 kids that were in the infant room with your son Tristan used bibs. I remember you were asked to bring bibs for your son because he was learning to eat table food and you were more interested in his clothes than hes nasty nose. If you picked up your child every day with a dirty nose why did you not say anything to the caregiver who was taking care of your son the first time. Also why did you keep bringing him back? Service must not have been so terrible since you drove from Austin every morning to drop off your son.......! Also if you get lost on your way to the daycare like you did everytime you were running late to work, you could have called and asked us to save him a breakfast. Breakfast is from 7 am to 8 am it says so in the enrollment package that was given to you. You were also given a low rate for your son because you said you were looking for long term care. If you were only looking for short term you would have paid full price. Dont be hesitant on recommending this daycare because our full time parents do recommend us already. Who's loss is it? Oh by the way everytime you all call licensing and give false complaints you should read what licensing puts on their report. All I have to say is grow up and act your age.

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Bella's Mom Dec 30, 2011

I can't speak for other people or their experiences, but I can speak for my own. I have worked for Child Protective Services for 5 years now as an Investigator. I have come across some of the worst people humanity has produced. Because of my job I am extremely untrusting and overly protective of my daughter. Making the choice to put her in daycare was one of the hardest decision I have made, however after meeting with Debbie and the staff I entrusted my child in her care. I have not had any issues, concerns, or complaints. Every time I visit the facility it is clean, the children are clean, and my daughter is happy. The staff has never been rude to me or made me feel as if my child was in harms way. If I ever felt like my daughter or any of these children were being mistreated I personally would have reported it to my coworkers in Child Care Licensing and ensured the person responsible was repremanded, not only because it is my job and moral obligation, but because I am a mother. Most of the complaints sound like petty grudges from past workers who left the facility obviously unhappy with thier situation. I do agree my daughter has had more runny noses then I am use to, but that is expected with daycare, school, and anywhere there are multiple chidren. Certainly to each thier own opinion, but as far as quality of care for my child I have no complaints to report. I commend the staff thus far for providing quality care to the children, as far as their "special qualifications"; they may not have a CPA or any specialized trainig, however I am a firm beleiver in quality not quantity. I have known several educated individuals who have no buisness being parents or providing any kind of care to any child. Being educated does not make you a better caregiver, nor does it stop you from mistreating kids. I as an educated person myself, do not let my degrees cloud my judgement in character. Mrs. Debbie may come across to some as rude or with attitude, however I do not agree with that. I have never seen her be rude towards anyone who did not diserve it. Thank you again Staff at All Kids 1st for taking care of my Bella.

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Director Dec 30, 2011

I was informed about 3 comments were made about me and about my sevices that I provided.

My center is well established and will excel without you. My center is based on hiring the right staff with child-like attitudes.In regards to what was said: some of it is true and the rest is totally false. I feel your personal comments are not even a thought  that I should get upset on.

But, I wanted to express my own expierence/comments that I had to deal with while your employment here want to set these comments record straight!!!

I am so glad that you are gone. what I find so funny is that you put Austin mom as the person commenting and that is not even the her own child name. As far as the bibs situation they were all disposible that were used and all were replaced after eating spaghetti for lunch . And the nose situation . (You)  as a qualify caregiver should had provided a better care for the child you and parent  .

In regards to the "INSTRUCTOR" We dont have Instructors here we have "Teacher/cargivers" employeed. It was your resposiblility to care for that child , the parent  and caregiver incharged are resposible to provided well baby care that needed medical attention .

 I told her on many ocassions , which was like every other day until her unity dropped her, which was two weeks later," Ms/CDA". We are either called teachers or caregivers.  When you applied for a position of employment in your  4 page resume you have given us that you  passed out over 15  different locations that you mention to me, and  not even one  has called you , that  should be telling you something about having a  CDA/Education in a "Center bassed" setting it twould't had made a bigger difference in childcare. Sorry that reality. That's why Texas schools  allows to hired Teachers Aid , and childcare /teachers are no different. " So get over it"!!

What makes education/CDA usefull is when your children  show progress in learning developmental  wise.

As for the " Throwing out  the Pregnant Lady" 1st ...I asked her to leave over 4 times on many occassions . She wouldn't leave and her behavior started to go to  raving and cussing so I escorted her out the door.  If a person like (myself) tells someone leave off of their property especially where children are in care or not and they didn't listen that is their  fought , not mine. If she was worried about being pregnate ,she sure didn't feel that way for her unborn baby  when she started acting crazy and was cussing.... Her behavior put us and the children in a enviroment where ,I had to protect the staff and children in my care. So there is No apology here, any smart person would have done the same.

I  been an Educator for over  12 years , I been successful in every thing I have accomplish. My clients wants the best for their child , as well as I.  When it comes to education and teachers demonstrate poor lack in  involvement with children , I will step in and make changes that are in the best interest of the child , having a cda or not.I have a higher expectations for my program that  a CDA/ certificate doesn't prove to me your should be working with children.  Some CDA  that I know shouldn't be working with children , period!!  And to say something you haven't used and you called yourself educated you should be shame for yourself. I have advocated  for the children in TEXAS and received a letter from the President Of America ,  Mr Obama ,and  had a story news paper article about my 1st licensed daycare in the San Antonio (2004 ). You all  have nothing to prove but a background check and a check, besides a comment that I find very dumb founded...

Oh ,by the way please see us soon in FACEBOOK!! I hope you parents see this ad judge for yourself , Sincerly  Ms Debbie

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DeyanaB Dec 29, 2011

I'm an employee of the center myself and I have not witnessed any of the alligations that has been stated. These children are treated with care and love everyday. We have Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween and other holiday parties.

And as for Debbie being rude and mean to the children is not true. She may be strict but she loves the children. She knows her job and have been doing it for years and is very experienced.

The center is very clean, all the classrooms are made for the children, they have curriculum everyday, and its very organized. The staff here are great and do thier job. Some of us may not be experienced from the start, but we do have classes to be certified, CPR/First Aid and FBI checks.

I'm going to school for Early Childhood Education. I'm not in it for the money, I'm in it because I love my job and it's what I want to do as a career.

I love my job, the children and the staff. And so do the parents.



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momm Nov 18, 2011

The owner and director miss Debbie is extremely rude, the facility is nice, but her attitude kills it, I’m guessing that is why staff come and go so much and even kids come and go a lot. I have actually have heard her talking mean to children, not sure what the problem is when you own a daycare you have to deal with kids. If you don’t like kids then don’t own one period.

The prices are way too expensive ($180 a week for an infant??), they do not offer anything special, the staff has no special qualifications other that the minimum, and they do a curriculum that is bagged so nothing special there either.

Overall, this lady needs some serious professionalism and business classes and a major attitude change or she will keep having a low number of kids in her daycare, it will never fill up!!


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so sad so sad Nov 15, 2011

i used to work at all kids first and i must say it was the worst experience. i have never had a boss who cursed, shouted and threw things at the children. i was definitly alramed. the staff and i were put in uncomfortable positions, for example watching debra push a pregnant woman out the facility when the woman was only looking for day care. if you are a staff member and you try to leave debra will definitly make u regret ever leaving there. for example, she will call every single job that have worked and tell the manager or director that she fired you, you were not a good employee, and that you were stealing and thats why she fired you. there was mom who posted a comment and i know exactly who she is. debra would go into your sons room and take all of his bibs and give them to all of the children. but i dont know whats worse, giving your bibs away or giving another child a bottle that is not theirs on purpose. debra didnt care, and she will never care. she shouldnt be around kids at all any where.

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Austin's Mom Sep 16, 2011

First I must say that the facility owner does help out families, when it comes to the price of her service and that all of my son's instructors seemed extremely nice. However, there were a few things that left a bad taste in my mouth. In the short time that my son was in daycare, he always came home with a nasty nose, a sure sign that they didn't clean his nose at all during the day. One day, I was late dropping my son off to daycare because I got lost and instead of them saying that it was too late for them to feed my child breakfast, the owner got emotional and decided to give me a lecture about it. I didn't think this was a great way to handle business. I was informed by one of my son's instructors that another instructor used at least 10 of my son's disposable bibs for other children. I didn't say anything about it, but I did feel violated. Another draw back is that the owner gave me much attitude when she was informed that my son would no long be attending her daycare. Stating that if she would have known he wasn't going to be there long she wouldn't have accepted him on a discount.

I am hesitatant to recommend this daycare to anyone else. However, with a little more tactfulness and some discipline, I believe that All Kids 1st could be ok.

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