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With more than 2,966 Iowa home daycare providers, family childcare options in Iowa are extensive. We understand that your family’s personal needs and budgets are crucial when selecting the right home childcare, and we’ve made the task easier by compiling information about Iowa home daycare options into a single site and arranging them by county and then alphabetically by facility. To search for providers, make sure to use the Quick Search box to help you locate childcare providers by city or zip code.

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Caity's Nursery

Caity's Nursery

Earlham, IA 50072 | (515) 710-1120

Caity's Nursery offers care for infants aged 6 weeks - 24 months. This unique environment provides a safe and clean place for your little one to grow healthy in the most vital stages. With over 5 years of experience working with infants and toddlers, Caity's Nursery provides hands-on supervision while strengthing gross and fine motor skills. Plus you can't beat the snuggles!

Caring Connections Childcare

Caring Connections Childcare

Waterloo, IA 50702 | (319) 239-0822

EMMEDIATE OPENINGS AVAILABLE!!  Established and Registered Since March 2001 Greetings… I bring you a warm welcome. I own and operate a registered quality, safe in-home childcare business named Caring Connection Childcare in operation with children since September 11, 2001. Experiences with helping to raise siblings, have my own child, grandchildren, plus a former nanny, Headstart teacher/lead teacher/Childcare Centers Childcare Teacher/Provider. I am a professional Early Childhood Development Teacher/Childcare Provider. I like to think of my childcare business as a place, that the children and adults consider a home away from home...a place where play and laughter are fundamental to learning and growing...a place where they are loved and cherished...a place that embraces diversity and other cultures...a place that respects parents as the most significant provider and first teacher of loving, caring, understanding and nurturing of their child.  Why did I go into childcare? The career path that I have chosen to follow as an Early Childhood Educator is to help guide, nurture and teach young children through their early years of learning and development. Offering to help educate and assist the families through the knowledge I have learned, through the Apprenticeship Program, College Degree, hands on teaching experiences, trainings and a plethora of other Certifications in the field of Early Childhood Education which I continue to acquire. As well as it is a pleasure for me to be a teacher, something I truly relish performing.  My role as a teacher is to encompass preparations for the classroom environment, in order to provide optimal pro- social learning experiences. To promote a comprehensive all-inclusive curriculum that enhances the development of prosocial skills. To be a person a child can come to and trust that I will be there for them.  A LEARNING, SAFE  AND FUN ENVIRONMENT. . . learning is not necessarily the 123's and ABC's, but it is important to learn honesty. The learning of respect, kindness, self-reliance, self-respect, self-help skills, self-soothing skills, what is expected of them and guidelines and potential self-discipline and moderation, the values of being; honest, dependable, show love, sensitivity to others, kindness, fairness and friendliness are the values of giving and forgiving. Safe, loving, welcoming, teaching, learning, understanding and open door policy. An area for infants/young toddlers for resting and napping only, spaces divided up into centers in order to meet the needs of optimal learning, socialization, discoveries and fun! Separate entry way into childcare business, a welcoming area for families. Large fenced with activities, professional child care/school grade furnishings-equipment, toys and supplies. And so much more… All activities Art/Crafts, Science, Music/movement and so on are based on Social, Emotional, Physical, Emotional Literacy and Cognitive learning. More Extras that can be/are offered:  Sleepovers, family parties after normal childcare hours, children's holiday and birthday parties, Clients finders fee when I enroll a family they suggested, environmentally friendly products used where applicable, childcare services other than normal business hours and neighborhood exploring.                           {EXCELLENT REFERENCES} Which are shared with prospective clients, upon first orientation meeting. Will remain accessible to all registered parents.                                       {HANDBOOK} Information pages placed in plastic, protector sleeves in a binder. Then provided to clients in order to refer to, while registered. In great detail a glimpse of Caring Connections Childcare/Sadie's daily routine, schedule and yearly events schedule, Policies, Procedures and Agreements, along with many extras.                            {INDIVIDUAL CHILD JOURNALS} A notebook Containing some information of child's adventures, development, supplies needed, and so on.                           {INDIVIDUAL CHILD'S FOLDERS} Holding important forms, in need of immediate attention etc...                                      {FOOD SERVICE}  I participate in the (CACFP) Child Adult Food Program and the Minute Menu Kids program. Caring Connections plans and offers a menu of foods that are specific to my child cares own special meatless recipes and ideas. Which are based on The American Dietetic Association Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian diet.                                      {HEALTH & SAFETY} * Following the CDC, States & local, Department of Human Services, Childcare Resource & Referral, along with my added requirements.  * Use Eco-friendly cleaning, toiletries and other related supplies.  * A Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp in place. The beneficial effects have been known for decades. They emit negative ions, which work like natural ionizers keeping the air clean. Negative ions attach themselves to dust, pollen, mold, fungus and odors. This is known to be very beneficial for respiratory health. They also minimize the effect of positive ions from EMFs and electron it devices, while the natural color of the lamp reinforces the rejuvenating and healing influence.  * Eco-Healthy Child Care Endorsed Program. Endorsed Since 2016                                A two year program.   * Within Caring Connections Childcare Handbook, there are policies & procedures written out.  * Diffusing of quality essential oils. A variety to help, for example...  Promote a restful nights sleep. improves concentration and focus. Stimulates secretion of endorphins. Improves immune system, concentration, alertness, mental clarity, and focus. invigorates and energizes. Etc...    

Patti McGrory

Patti McGrory

Sioux City, IA 51106 | (712) 389-0456

Childcare experience over 30 years big fenced in yard references available

Itsy Bitsy Daycare

Itsy Bitsy Daycare

Atkins, IA 52206 | (319) 350-3803

Tammy Kies is a Registered Child Development Home B in ATKINS IA, with a maximum capacity of 12 children.



Dexter, IA 50070 | (515) 336-9465

Hello , my name is Shelby Groenhoff. I have been in the childcare business for several years . I have worked with children of all ages and I have now opened my own in home care. I do offer preschool curriculum to prepare children for their next step in education . Please email me at or call (515)336-9465 if you would like to learn more! Thank you ! 

Iowa Child Care Licensing Agency

Iowa Department of Human Services
Division of Adult and Children Family Services
Bureau of Child Care and Community Services
Hoover Bldg., 5th Floor
1305 E. Walnut Street
Des Moines, IA 50319-0114
Phone: 515-281-0429
Web Site:
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