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The San Antonio home daycare options below are dedicated to providing families with quality home childcare in a safe and nurturing environment. Group home daycares are personable alternatives to large centers with hundreds of children. Entrusting your family childcare to an San Antonio home daycare gives children the added security of being cared for in a home environment while still giving parents the peace of mind that comes from knowing their children are under the supervision of licensed professionals. We gathered the information for home childcare centers in San Antonio into one place in order to help simplify your search and make it more enjoyable. Since home daycare information can change often, please help us stay up to date by letting us know if any of the information on our childcare providers is out of date or incorrect. We want to give you the right information every time.

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Name Address Phone Capacity
Express ER Care 15140 Nacogdoches Rd.
San Antonio, TX 78247
(210) 951-9300 11
Luv Bugs Daycare Aue Elementary
San Antonio, TX 78255
(210) 818-3385 12
Serious Business Group Day Home Cloverbrook
San Antonio, TX 78245
(210) 833-2760 12
Theresa Rodriguez Spring Club
San Antonio, TX 78249
(210) 690-4272 12
Angeles 10207 Redfish Cavern
San Antonio, TX 78245
(210) 381-3238 3
Irma Mendoza Robin Forest
San Antonio, TX 78239
(210) 505-3874 12
Judith Ann Rodriguez Amber Coral
San Antonio, TX 78245
(210) 673-3808 3
June Bug Home Daycare Castle Bridge
San Antonio , TX 78218
(210) 461-3570 3
Margaret Suther 16100 Henderson Pass, San Antonio, Tx 78232
San Antonio, TX 78232
(210) 281-4437 3
Tia Ara Childcare Home Pinnacle Falls
San Antonio, TX 78260
(210) 485-5535 12
Tri-Lin Integrated Services, Inc. 15310 Huebner Rd.
San Antonio, TX 78248
(210) 348-6212 12
Imelda Trevino Petersburg
San Antonio, TX 78245
(210) 577-9550 12
Judy's Studio Little Masters Child Care Lost Tree
San Antonio, TX 78244
(210) 310-0909 12
Ms. Beths House Forest Stream
San Antonio, TX 78233
(210) 599-3541 12
R Little Angels Child Care Camden Bay
San Antonio, TX 78245
(210) 259-8756 12
123-ABC Learning Center Bakersfield
San Antonio, TX 78228
(210) 432-4895 12
A+ Accredited Learning Center Ivanhoe
San Antonio, TX 78228
(210) 431-3017 12
Arleen's Preschool King St.
San Antonio, TX 78211
(210) 921-0369 12
Barbee's Baby Camp Village Way
San Antonio, TX 78218
(210) 655-2905 12
Carmen Mariaca Village Club
San Antonio, TX 78250
(210) 521-1216 12
Ella Bonds Eisenhauer Rd
San Antonio, TX 78218
(210) 590-2928 12
Hills Quality Child Care Home Quail Lake
San Antonio, TX 78244
(210) 661-2279 12
Home Away From Home 9122 Alpine Trail St
San Antonio, TX 78250
(210) 286-6235 12
Irma O Huerta Saratoga
San Antonio, TX 78213
(210) 979-7647 12
Judith G Jaime Twin Elm Woods
San Antonio, TX 78249
(210) 764-0962 12
Jumping Kangaroo Day Care 415 Tequila Rnch
San Antonio, TX 78245
(210) 740-7012 12
Kimberly Ann Winter Appaloosa Bay
San Antonio, TX 78254
(210) 858-5805 12
Leticia Contreras Autumn Meadows
San Antonio, TX 78254
(210) 509-4931 12
Leticia Frausto Larkabbey
San Antonio, TX 78233
(210) 646-6758 12
Letty's Loved Ones Coral Tree Ln.
San Antonio, TX 78227
(210) 675-4021 12
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