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Childhood Development Through Sports at Jade Ortiz

  • Ad Summary: Childhood Development Through Sports
  • Contact Name Jade Ortiz
  • Location Milwaukee, WI 53204
  • Contact Phone 6089609103
  • Pricing 106
  • Ad Detail:

    Playpen Sports Academy's childhood development programs are a wonderful way to introduce your child to the world of sport and physical activity in a non-intimidating social environment with a small group of other toddlers and parents. 

    The Playpen Sports Academy curriculum is focused on a number of different goals including teaching children how to move and use their bodies, share with other children, interact in social settings, follow directions, and most importantly how to have fun in a  physically active environment! 

    At Playpen Sports Academy, we are focused as much on the individual development of your child as we are on sport specific skills that we teach. Because while we expect some of your children to go on to be great athletes, we expect all of your children to go on to be great humans! 

  • Additional Information:

    We offer toddler sport classes for kids aged 2-5yo. We have several locations in both Wisconsin and Illinois and offer classes year round. Check out our website to learn more https://www.playpensports.com/