Kaw Nation Child Care Development Fund

With increasing Native American populations, the Kaw Nation recognizes the need to assist families with their child care costs.

The Kaw Nation CCDF Program provides child care assistance to Native American families whose members are working or attending school.

About Kaw Nation CCDF

The Kaw Nation CCDF Program seeks to support Native American families in their endeavors by providing child care assistance. Our main objective is to ensure that each family has access to quality and convenient child care.

We service Kay County in Oklahoma and Cowley, Sedgwick and Sumner counties in Kansas.

How to apply

A tribal family may apply for a CCDF subsidy given they qualify under the following:

  • Member of a federally recognized tribe
  • Within our service area: Kay County in Oklahoma or Cowley, Sedgwick or Sumner County in Kansas
  • Currently employed or seeking employment
  • Currently enrolled in job training
  • Currently enrolled in school and/or education program
  • Receiving protective services


  • Tribal membership
  • Income does not exceed 85 percent of state median income
  • Children residing in the home of applicant must be under the age of 13

Child Care Choices

  • State-licensed facility
  • In-home
  • Family home-care provided by one caregiver in a private residence other than the child’s home
  • Group home-care provided by more than one caregiver in a private residence other than the child’s home

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