Best Learning Toys For Boys This Christmas

Play is not just for fun; it also helps children develop motor skills and social skills, and progress their emotional development. Play focused on learning can also encourage your child to share and play alone. During the holidays, you may be looking to buy some toys which help your child develop and learn something new. Take a look at some of the must-have learning toys this holiday season.

Sports Play

Learning how to play sports encourages activity in your little boy, and will also keep them fit. It has been shown that children who engage in sports from a young age are likely to keep up with this behavior in later life. Taking part in activities like soccer or basketball allows your child to learn team playing and discipline, and can also boost their self-esteem. A mini indoor basketball hoop can be attached easily to the wall or a door, and provides hours of holiday fun. Trampolining may have to be taken indoors during the colder months, but it is a great way for your child to learn a new skill.

Building Toys

When children are given something to construct like a jigsaw or building blocks, they are engaging in learning whilst having fun. Building with blocks allows your little boy to think creatively and problem solve to fit each piece together. Construction toys also build mathematical skills. K’NEX building kits allow boys to develop coordination and motor skills while having a great toy to play with as their final product. With upwards of 450 pieces, toys like this will keep boys occupied for hours, and can even be a fun family learning activity for the holidays.

Arts And Crafts

Art therapy is used to help people cope with stress, develop self-awareness, and improve wellbeing. Giving your little boy some learning toys to improve his creativity can be extremely rewarding long-term. Crayola have fantastic art toys that are suitable for boys who have a creative streak, including their art kits filled with crayons, pencils and colored pens. Slime fans will enjoy getting messy with a DIY Slime pack, or your little boy can build his own sandcastle with a moldable sand kit.

Your little boy will have hours of fun and learning ahead during the holidays. Learning toys help your child to develop skills which will become essential in later life.

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