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Home Daycare at Terri Adamson

  • Ad Summary: Home Daycare
  • Contact Name Terri Adamson
  • Location Fenton, MO 63049
  • Contact Phone 314 717-5232
  • Pricing $20 per day
  • Ad Detail:

    My name is Terri.  I had a home daycare for 11 years.  My daughter is now grown and we have decided to reopen.  As a team we will be twice as reliable,  twice as excited and able to provide twice as much love. We will be busy preparing little ones for school with fun ways of learning,, planned activities,  crafts, stories,  songs and more. All ages welcome.  Meals and snacks provided.  Rates are low so you're not working just to socialize your kids.  We have kids of our own.  We know the struggle is real. We have so much more to tell you. Contact us now for an interview. 

  • Additional Information:

    Excellent  references

    Open door policy

    Structured but relaxed and fun