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A Heart Base And An Inspirational Book for Children - “A New Alphabet for Humanity” at Judy of Alphabet for Humanity

  • Ad Summary: A Heart Base And An Inspirational Book for Children - “A New Alphabet for Humanity”
  • Contact Name Judy of Alphabet for Humanity
  • Location Lakewood, NJ 08701
  • Contact Phone 1 310 579 2814
  • Pricing 19.95
  • Ad Detail:

    A New Alphabet For Humanity is a revolutionary way to give young children a heart-based education in one simple book. The book features 26 empowering alphabet words designed to nurture emotional intelligence, activate the potential of our children and create a bright future for humanity!

    The Author, Leesa McGregor was inspired to create the book after realizing so many of the books we read to our children aren’t teaching values like kindness, empathy, gratitude, and compassion - so many of the qualities we need in the world right now. As a mother, she believes teaching young children the power of positive words, like empathy, compassion, and gratitude is just as important as learning their ABCs. 

    We’re on a mission to inspire young children to be compassionate, kind and loving to people and the planet.  Plus, for every book we sell, we plant a tree!

    You can also learn more about ‘A New Alphabet for Humanity’ through our website, or drop us an email with any questions you might have.

  • Additional Information:

    If you’re interested in stocking our beautiful book in your store/school/children center, we’d love to connect with you and happy to offer big discounts! 

    Please feel free to reach out if you want to discuss more or have any questions.