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Baby care training at home at Joanne

  • Ad Summary: Baby care training at home
  • Contact Name Joanne
  • Location Elk Grove Village, IL 60007
  • Contact Phone 847-434-8781
  • Pricing $85
  • Ad Detail:

    My fiance and I recently did a baby care project from homeschoolbabies.com and it was excellent.  We never had the computerized baby in our elk grove schools so it was great to find this rental program and a chance to take care of such a realistic baby in our home.  We learned our overall care score was pretty bad when we shipped the baby back so I'd recommend it to anyone who has little to no experience with a baby. Getting up in the middle of the night to care for the baby was the hardest to adjust to but we are far more ready than we would have been for our baby in a few months.  They're located in virginia but ship everywhere which made it easy for us.

  • Additional Information:

    Being almost 30 years old we thought we were way ready for our baby to come. Lol.  It only took a day with this realcare training baby to see we weren't.