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Green Caterpillar Academy In home services at Candace Green

Ad Summary Green Caterpillar Academy In home services
Contact Name Candace Green
Location Brownsburg , In, IN 45234
Contact Phone 317658-2895
Pricing 85-100
Ad Detail: Candace Green Brownsburg, In 46234 317-658-2895 Green Caterpillar Academy December 20, 2017 To my future parents... Hello my name is Candace Green and I am currently a stay at home mother of 3 children, I currently have 2 foster children that I love dearly. I have decided to finally invest in my future as a childcare provider in my home. I have had many opportunities to work with young children and teens. My personal experience has offered me insight of how to connect and communicate with young people in a way that they understand. I have acted as a mentor to young adults for the past 7 yrs. I have counseled young women through some of the most difficult time of their lives. My mentorship has created bonds and relationships that I value and put forth a lot of effort to keep intact. I have had to act as an advocate for young people with their parents and other authoritative figures in their lives. My outgoing personality offers a great since of communication with a professional approach. I am able to be a knowledgeable resource for my parents , I enjoy working with children and being a part of there foundation. I have worked for Head start for the past five years, and I have been in Fostercare for the past 4 years. I keep things in a organized and clean format so that I can get things completed accurately. I also work well in a fast-paced environment due to my childcare and Fostercare experiences. I have a heart for helping others and it shines through in my interactions with others. I am CPR and first aid certified. I also have my universal precaution certificate. I will be offering two meals with two snacks Monday- Friday from 6am-6pm. I am locating in the Brownsburg area . Please contact me for more details.
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